Three Benefits of Advanced Night Repair Serum

What is ANR: Advanced Night Repair?

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into skincare or call yourself a seasoned skin enthusiast, this holy grail product should be in your life.   Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (ANR), also lovingly coined as the little brown bottle, was the first night serum to hit the beauty market in 1982. This product has revolutionized the beauty industry. It was the first to narrow our focus on repairing skin overnight by promoting the renewal of healthy skin cells. The primary ingredient in ANR is hyaluronic acid, an industry hot commodity at the moment and key to maintaining hydrated and plump skin. For decades, it has been the number one repair serum on the market. Why? I believe there are three benefits of using Advanced Night Repair serum consistently: hydration, elasticity, and glowing skin.

Last month, Estée Lauder launched a NEW Advanced Night Repair formula. It is now formulated with added benefits of firming skin and pore minimization.  Another important ingredient in ANR is tripeptide-32, which prompts the peptides to build collagen, thus creating the elasticity and smoothing element. In their recent studies with 543 women, 90% of women felt that their skin felt smoother and more radiant after three weeks. Additionally, ANR plays an important role in skin immunity. It protects our skin from environmental aggressors (pollution, blue light, etc.) and repairs our damaged skin cells overnight.

Three Benefits of Advanced Night Repair Serum

I have used Advanced Night Repair nearly every single night for the past fifteen years. I keep this little brown bottle close at all times. It is always one of the first products I recommend to friends, because it is proven effective for all skin types, every season of the year. 

ANR provides:

Hydration: locks in hydration for 72 hours

Elasticity: immediate firming, bounce, and smoothing benefits

Glow: oil free texture is soothing and delivers a lasting glow

Additionally, if you are experiencing challenging skin conditions or transitioning skincare through different seasons, ANR should remain your constant year round.  It never disappoints!   If you don’t believe me just yet….Estée Lauder sells over ten bottles of this product every minute worldwide.  Enough said.

How to Use ANR

Lastly, after you have cleansed and toned your skin, place 3-4 drops of the serum into your fingertips or palm of your hand.  Apply the serum in a heart shape motion throughout your face and down to your neck. You can finish with your moisturizer of choice to seal in the moisture.  Consistency is everything! With Advanced Night Repair use every night, you will quickly see an increase in hydration, elasticity, and glow.

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