My Story

My Story

Growing up in a cosmopolitan city like Dallas, beauty was all around me. My mother taught me early on that makeup will only take you so far. One of the lessons she passed on to me was to moisturize day and night, and I remember watching her apply her cremes everyday. My sister and I played endlessly with products and make-believe spas. But most importantly, I realized at a young age that feeling good in your own skin will allow your inner beauty to shine.

In my early twenties I moved to New York and worked for one of the largest beauty and cosmetics corporations in the world in the education department. I learned firsthand how good skincare can not only protect and treat, but also invoke an emotional connection to feeling beautiful and healthy.  Layering products on my young skin literally brought happiness to my soul.  Applying my favorite moisturizer every morning became my morning coffee.  I was immediately hooked!  Most importantly, I learned HOW and WHY certain products work for your skin.  Fast forward fifteen years, I now reside back in Dallas with my husband and four children, and my love for beauty and good skincare has grown exponentially.  I have tried and tested hundreds of products over the past two decades. I know what works for me and what doesn’t.  I have curated a collection of beauty and wellness products and tools that work well together and work well for me.  This is just a part of my beauty story.

Why Storied Beauty?

To be honest, it’s two-fold.  A storied beauty is a celebrated role model who is known for his/her style and influence in the beauty and fashion arena. When imagining the most classic storied beauties of all time, I think of sophisticated and timeless icons, such as Grace Kelly and Jackie O, as well as today’s modern beauties like Kate Middleton and Lupita Nyong’o. They stay true to themselves and create their own style.  As a woman in today’s fast-moving and digitally crazed society, these are some of the storied beauties who inspire me everyday.

Additionally, I have been asked over the years about my skincare secrets and holy grail products. When my friends and I grew into our mid to late thirties, our skin began to take on a life of its own!  I had to step up my skincare game in a big way.  My passion and fascination behind the science drove me to begin helping others build a skincare routine that suited their lifestyles.  This ranges from demonstrating how to cocktail the perfect serums, to applying sunscreen on family members’ faces who think an innocent summer tan doesn’t come with consequences, to recommending that my pregnant friends steer clear of Vitamin A. 

I have had skin changes and problem areas such as hyper and hypo pigmentation and a loss of elasticity and firmness. These concerns can be attributed to hormones, sun damage, and natural skin maturation (not to mention the stress caused by a worldwide pandemic). I’ve added products and tools to my regimen that enhance collagen growth for cell regeneration, as well as brighten and protect my skin from environmental aggressors. While genetics may play a huge role in our skin makeup, the right products can maintain and enhance our youthful glow. In a world full of botox and fillers, I get a thrill from discovering new formulas that can completely reverse unwanted changes without resorting to the needle.

The one thing that can bring everyone peace and solace during this challenging time is self-care.  My goal is to help you feel the same relaxation and enjoyment from skincare that I have.  The world of beauty and wellness is growing by the day.  I’m on a path to simplify the skincare game…this will be fun. Watch, I’ll show you!

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“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” - Coco Chanel

- Coco Chanel