About Storied Beauty

Storied Beauty is a curated retail skincare destination and concierge service.  We have a tightly edited collection of vetted brands that are performance-driven and intentional.  Storied Beauty was created from a desire to have a beauty resource that simplifies a largely saturated industry.  We believe in a customized skincare regimen for everyone, and we offer personalized one-on-one support through our highly regarded skincare and facial concierge services. 


About Lindsay
I grew up in Dallas, Texas, where everything is bigger, including beauty.  I loved the physical and emotional connection I found to skincare and began to form a more long-term bond when I moved to New York in my early twenties.  While working for one of the largest International skincare and cosmetics corporations in their Education department, I learned firsthand the science and reasoning behind creating a specific skincare regimen.  I studied the science behind product efficacy and how to build a proper routine for all skin types.  Little did I know then that my love for skincare would continue to grow exponentially throughout the next fifteen years.  My skincare repertoire has grown over the past two decades of trials, wins, fails, and everything in between. 
Today, I am a wife and mother to four children. When my friends and I grew into our late thirties, our skin began to speak a different language.  We can attribute this to a combination of hormones and a loss of skin elasticity after multiple pregnancies and sleepless nights.  I have spent years testing new products and tools to bring the most successful results. My passion has been research and trials to gently slow the process of skin aging.  I created Storied Beauty to help guide you through the complexities of skincare ingredients and discover a routine that works best for you.