Skincare Concierge Session Testimonials

Creating relationships with my clients is not a one-and-done experience. I pride myself on creating long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with women all over the country.  My concierge sessions include the initial meeting and detailed skin report, followed by several check-ins to ensure we are on the right path.  

Check out a couple recent testimonials from clients with completely different stories.  One wanted to start completely fresh, and the other had an established routine and wanted to add products and tools in to take it to the next level. 


Rose Benson, Washington D.C.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my skin. Something that ebbed and flowed but seemed out of my control. With a million different products out there, all varying in price and quality, I had no idea where to start and usually settled for something someone else had been using; predictably the results were usually “is this even working? Why am I spending money on it?”.

Then, in May of 2022, I decided to take control and signed up for a complimentary concierge appointment with Storied Beauty; GAME CHANGER.

Working with Lindsay to highlight my personal skin needs and goals was easy, and dare I say it, FUN. She designed a regimen tailored to my skin and my budget, as well as realistic for my morning and evening time constraints. The products she selected are luxurious AND affordable. Lindsay checks in regularly to see how they are working and the access to her knowledge and expertise have clearly made a difference.

The results? Life changing. I actually like my skin. No more love/hate relationship, just Love. 2022 was the year I took control of my skin, maybe 2023 could be the year for you.

Storied Beauty, THANK YOU.”


Samantha Lee, Houston, Texas

I had my first concierge session with Storied Beauty last summer. I had a solid skin routine (with products that I still love and use) going into my session, but I wanted to meet with Lindsay to discuss how I could make it better. She suggested Lacrème Beauté Venom right off the bat as well as some skin tools to compliment my regimen. Today, I cannot live without the venom cream. It is amazing!  Lindsay also suggested I add the gold microneedling roller to my nightly routine which has made a huge difference in the efficacy of all of my products. Lindsay has helped take my skin to the next level!  Still to this day, I use products that I was using before meeting with Storied Beauty, and they all work so well together.  The skincare industry is always evolving, and there’s always something newer and better.  I can’t wait to see what Lindsay will carry next!

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