Spring Break Skincare Packing 101

 Whether you're hitting the slopes or strolling the beach, packing the few skin essentials for time in the sun is key.  I'm finding myself inspired by mother- daughter beautiful artisan made dresses (the girls still love matching) and lightweight clothing perfect for beachside. Mi Golondrina and Maxwell and Geraldine are two favorites for feminine, comfortable dresses.  As for skincare, I’m keeping Plumscreen close by and reapplying every few hours to limit sun damage. It is lightweight and silky, and it leaves zero white residue!  I'm also using Environ body products to slough off dry skin from winter and allow for bits of sun to create that natural, tanned glow.

Below are a few examples of easy-to-pack skincare products for the face and body:

Vitamin C Ampoules: 1-2 for your face and neck every morning before other serums and moisturizer. Vitamin C is essential to protect your skin from all environmental stressors: UV rays, blue light, smoke, pollution, etc..

Mandarin Cleansing Milk: a lightweight, milky thorough cleanse that helps brighten the skin from time outdoors.

Élixir Exfoliant: one dropper applied to the face and neck and left on as a mask for 20 minutes - will slough off all rough texture and dull skin, leaving your skin looking poreless for days.

Anti-Pollution Mask: a travel necessity for immediate use post travel. Apply for 20-30 minutes and rinse for clearer, smoother skin. Rids the skin of all impurities from travel.

Rose Cream: a favorite for spring. Not too heavy, not too light. Maintains high amounts of hydration during climate changes.

C Quence Serum: your daily dose of Vitamin A for morning and night. Thickens and strengthens your skin barrier. FOOD FOR OUR SKIN!

Plumscreen: SPF 31 always! can be used as your morning moisturizer if you’re on the go! Silky, lightweight, and zero white residue.

Vitamin A, C, and E Body Oil: prep your arms and legs for time outside. Apply after showering & cocktail with Derma Lac Lotion to see biggest results!

Beauty Cosmetic Bag: a few are still available from our limited edition release for the holidays. This is the perfect bag to throw your few essentials in when packing for a few days away.


Hope your travels are fabulous - pack that sunscreen with you! 





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