Winter Skin Product Mood Board: Protect Your Skin Barrier

First Seasonal Product Mood Board of 2023


January and February historically bring the coldest temperatures of the year, forcing our skin to acclimate between the cold outdoors and artificial heaters indoors.

The most important piece to focus on at this time is protecting your skin barrier. Our skin barrier is the outermost layer of our skin that defends our largest organ (our skin) from environmental threats and protects water from evaporating. It can be compromised by dry climates, allergens, over-exfoliation, or over-cleansing to name a few. You will know your skin barrier is damaged
if you experience dry, rough patches, acne, itchiness, or inflamed conditions.

Tips to Protect your Skin Barrier during Winter:

1.  Try not to over-exfoliate. One time a week right now is plentry.  

2.   Use thick creams and/or oil at night to seal in the moisture.

3.   If you have dry skin, listen to your body and rinse with water in the morning, rather than cleansing and stripping the skin. You know your skin best, and sometimes we have to listen to our gut over science.

4.   Use a creamy cleanser that conditions the skin.

5.  Many plant-based oils will protect the barrier - helping with inflammation as well.

6.  Time to add in hydrating serums and masks.

7.  Occlusive Moisturizers needed for extremely dry or irritated skin.      

8.  Use a humidifier at night to help retain moisture.

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