How to Prepare Your Skin for Winter

Eight Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Winter

Winter weather can bring endless havoc to our skin and leave us feeling helpless and frustrated.  The combination of colder temps and inside heaters can cause our skin to feel dry and cracked.  The dry air pulls the moisture out of our skin, leaving us with dull, lifeless complexions.  There are some easy additions and adjustments you can make to your winter skincare that will save your skin from moisture loss.  I am sharing eight ways to prepare your skin for winter weather.



– Ditch foamy cleansers and stick to creamy or milky formulas.


– Add a rich, thicker cream as your last step to protect your moisture barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid:

– Hyaluronic acid is purely a huge drink of water for your skin. Especially recommended after retinol use at night

Facial Spray All Day:

– Spritz continually throughout the day to maintain healthy, hydrated skin.


– Sun damage still exists in winter! Continue to apply every AM as your last step.

Vitamin C

– Maintain use of Vitamin C every morning to protect against environmental aggressors.

Avoid Hot Baths & Showers

– If your skin tends to be dry, hot temps dehydrate skin and can cause irritation.

Treat Lips & Hands

– Prevent chapped lips and hands by conditioning them everyday with lip treatments and nourishing hand creams


Most Importantly: HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will rid your body of toxins and keep your skin as plump and nourished as possible.




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