Fall Favorites - Creating a Capsule Collection

Happy Fall, ladies! Temperatures are dropping, heaters are on, and our skin often becomes dehydrated and irritated.  The most important pieces of a fall capsule collection are products that maintain both hydration and moisture.  A lack of moisture in the air will cause your skin barrier to be compromised.  Exfoliation is important to maintain, but at a minimum so we are careful not to strip the natural oils needed for moisture retention.
A skincare capsule collection is an edited lineup of essential products tailored to a climate, lifestyle, and budget. It includes everything you need and nothing you don't.  The idea is to streamline your routine to deliver the most essential ingredients to your skin in as few steps as possible.  Storied Beauty would love to help you create your collection. 
Products to Consider for Your Fall Capsule Collection. Keep it simple, but include the essentials:  Cleanser, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Eye Cream, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen
  • A hydrating Vitamin A serum. An example is C Quence Serum, a step-up system.
  • A lightweight moisturizer for mornings or (evenings if you have oily/congested skin). Examples are Holi creme and AVST Moisturizer. 
  • A sunscreen that is sheer and lightweight for daily use. An example is Plumscreen SPF 31.


Additional Accessories Once Your Collection is Built

  • A hydrating night serum or Growth Factor Serum. Example are Serience Night Serum, Filler Créme, Colostrum Gel, and Dual Hydration Masks.
  • Effortless, buildable makeup that delivers a quick, five minute glow to last all day.  Examples are Prime Skin available in seven shades, Color Stick in several shades for fall, and Luxury Matte Lipstick in several new shades as well. 

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