Exclusive Interview with Jena Covello, Founder of Agent Nateur


Introducing a brand built on quality, transparency, and efficacy - with a belief that beauty regimens should be a luxurious experience that renews the skin.  We have been overjoyed to welcome Agent Nateur to Storied Beauty.  The collection of transformative products have proven to be wildly successful within the beauty industry.  Lindsay sat down for an exclusive interview with founder, Jena Covello, to dive deep into some behind the scenes intel on Jena bringing Agent to life and the products she can't live without.

Thank you, Jena, for your support with Storied Beauty and for allowing our audience a peak into your brand story.  Let's begin: 

LF: Can you tell us how Agent Nateur came to fruition? What was one of the driving factors that lead you to develop a skincare line?

JC: I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and adenomyosis and after years of struggling with pain management, I set out on a path of holistic healing.  I put trust in a holistic practicioner and began educating myself on natural medicine and healing remedies. I was searching for a safe, effective, and luxurious natural deodorant free of aluminum but couldn’t find any, so I began cooking my own in 2014. Aluminum is an endocrine disruptor and can mimic estrogen. This path ultimately lead to our flagship product: holi (stick) deodorant.

LF: What are your top three Agent products you personally couldn't live without?

JC: Holi (water), our high-molecular weight, pearl and rose hyaluronic essence. It is such a light but deeply hydrating essence, and applying it is a lovely daily ritual, it smells incredible. Mixed with holi (c), our dry vitamin c and calcium powder, it instantly brightens your complexion while working hard on discoloration, texture, and firmness long-term. Lately, I am especially obsessed with our newest serum, holi (lift). It has a high concentration of lactic acid, which brightens and exfoliates in a gentle but transformative way. 

LF: Which products do you recommend most for summer skin and hair?

JC: Focus on nourishing and repairing damage. I am obsessed with our hair duo: holi (locks) and holi (silk). Together they truly treat all damage–shedding, breakage, and brittleness. I love to apply holi (locks) to my scalp and holi (silk) to my length and ends, leaving both on for as long as possible (even overnight!) to deeply nourish and repair before a shampoo. 

LF: Secret beauty tips to look effortlessly chic?

JC: A favorite product hack of mine is applying holi (bright) overnight. It gently resurfaces, nourishes, and firms your skin–you seriously wake up with glass skin! Sometimes I will mix it with Biologique Recherche Masque Visolastine or Biofixine, depending on what my skin needs. 

 LF: To conclude: A storied beauty is an icon whom you admire in the beauty and fashion arena. When you look back, who is a storied beauty that may have influenced you in your life and/or career?

JC: My mom is my beauty icon, always. She has inspired so many products, including our best selling holi mane collagen and pearl powder supplement and holi (bright) glass face mask. She is a natural beauty and modeled intentional, ritualistic self care for me growing up. She used retinol since she was 20 and has always taken impeccable care of her skin. 

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