Tips for Layering Your Skincare


Whether your routine is two steps, three steps, or five steps is entirely up to you - more products doesn’t necessarily mean better results. Having the right products tailored to YOU is what matters. 

To maximize the efficiency of each product, it is wise to apply them in the proper order.  Do serums go first or oils? Do I apply sunscreen before or after moisturizer? Read below for all the scoop.


Tips for Layering Your Skincare for Summer

1.  Always layer products thinnest to thickest in texture, no matter the season. Water based products are applied first, then cream based. scientifically think smallest molecule to largest. The size of a product’s molecular weight affects the way it penetrates the skin.

2.  Oils are always applied at the end of the routine, as the molecules are actually larger. Oils contain occlusive properties that seal in the amazing benefits from your serums and creams. Additionally, oils can function as a barrier from external pollutants.
3. Apply sunscreen at the end of your morning routine, before makeup.  Allow your skincare to dry completely before applying to reduce pilling.  Don’t forget the 2 finger rule when applying in the summer - measure sunscreen on 2 fingers for application to your face, ears, and neck. 
4.  If adding retinol into your routine, apply to cleansed, dry skin before other serums and creams. The goal is for it to be the first active product that reaches your skin. If you have reactive skin or want to go in slowly, you can cocktail the retinol with or after your moisturizer (to serve as a barrier). 
5.  Toners or essences (hydrating water-based serums) can be applied first on cleansed, dry skin. Many toners can serve multiple functions such as exfoliating or hydrating. 
6.  Apply an eye cream after serums, before moisturizer to allow the eye cream to work its magic before sealing in your entire face.
7.  Try not to double up on potent ingredients in one routine. For example, if your night cream has lactic acid, it isn’t always necessary to use a serum with lactic acid immediately before. 
Hopefully the tips for layering your skincare are helpful when ensuring the investment you make in skincare is working at full capacity.  

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