Summer Skincare Capsule Collection

In a world full of thousands of products and complex ingredients, narrowing down a skincare routine is crucial. A capsule collection is a condensed version of the most essential pieces in a wardrobe/routine. As we are knee deep in hot temperatures and increased sun exposure, we found it fitting to outline a summer capsule collection for you - with everything you need, and nothing you don't. 


Summer Capsule Collection: Skincare

Cleanser: A creamy or oil based cleanser that maintains hydration and moisture in the skin is best during summer months when skin can easily become dehydrated. A couple of our summer favorites are Light Cleanse by Decree and Geothermal Clay Cleanser by Circcell (which can multi-task as a gorgeous mask to remove all skin impurities).

Toner/Mist: Misting throughout the day is essential to keep the skin moist and hydrated. A couple consistent options are the Restorative Tonic Mist by January Labs or Lacrème Beauté Skin Revive Mist.

Serum(s): Vitamin C and Vitamin A should be applied daily throughout the year, no matter the season. Vitamin C serves as an antioxidant, protecting your skin from UV rays and other outside aggressors. Vitamin A is necessary for skin health and growth and also helps minimize fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne. Other targeted serums can help treat oil congestion, pigment, and other skin conditions. A couple Storied Beauty favorites year round are the Environ C Quence Serum and Defence Cream, as we well as Vetted Vitamin C Serum. The Environ Mela Prep Lotion can be incredibly helpful with melasma-prone skin and hyperpigmentation (two common summer skin conditions).

Exfoliant: You may exfoliate through a mask, cleanser, serum, or moisturizer to slough off dead skin cells and excess debris from sunscreen, sweat, and makeup.  One to two times a week is recommended during summer months.  A few favorites for summer months (all of which are amazing multi-task products) are the Reflekt Exfoliating Cleanser, French Farmacie Elixir Exfoliant, and January Labs Retexturizing Night Cream

Moisturizer: A moisturizer is always essential twice daily, even if you have oily skin. Opt for a lighter consistency or gel-like formula if you want to steer clear of heavy, rich creams in summer. A favorite lightweight moisturizer is Agent Nateur holi (creme). The fresh, cucumber scent will have you reaching for it multiple times a day!

Sunscreen: Selecting a broad spectrum sunscreen that looks and feels great on your skin is key. Apply 2-3 fingers worth to your face and neck every morning at the end of your skincare routine, before makeup. Our favorites are Plumscreen and Holi (sun). Both are mineral sunscreens and offer very sheer application with little to no white residue.


Summer Capsule Collection: Tools and Makeup 

LED Light Therapy Mask: An LED mask can improve inflammation, breakouts, and overall fatigued skin from travel and different climates. Our Storied Beauty favorite is the Glow Getter mask by Glow Therapy. You can use the mask as many times as desired, but the more you use it, the more you will witness that reduction in inflammation.

Gua Sha: A Gua Sha stone can dramatically help with lymphatic drainage, facial contouring, and muscle tension during summer travel. Our go-to is the Lacrème Rose Quartz Gua Sha. You can gua sha daily if you prefer. Use feather-like pressure as you glide the stone across your face, along your jaw, and under your eyes.

Facial Roller: The Circcell Amethyst Facial Roller is ALWAYS in our summer tote for travel. One end can contour your jawline and cheeks, while the other end can de-puff after a night of margaritas and sushi by the pool. You can roll daily or as needed for de-puffing. 

Prime Skin: THE go-to skin tint/light foundation with the perfect BLUR and GLOW. This hybrid between primer and foundation, Prime Skin, will be plenty of coverage for a casual day out or night out with friends. It is lightweight and buildable, perfect with additional sunscreen. 

Color Stick: This is a one-and-done pop of color for your cheeks, eyes, and lips! Offered in several shades perfect for your summer glow, a color stick can stay with you in your tote all season long for easy application.

Bronzer: Just a couple swipes of our favorite Gee Beauty bronzer will leave you with that natural glow you desire in summer.  Use this fan brush for the smoothest application on your face and neck. Achieve that sun-kissed bronzed look by finishing your makeup with this gorgeous bronzer. 

Lipstick: Storied Beauty is loving Madame Gabriela's clean lipsticks in the MOST stunning, chic shades for summer. Formulated with manuka honey, this line is incredibly conditioning for your lips as well!

One product not featured here is an eye cream. We strongly encourage everyone to maintain hydration and moisture around the delicate eye area as well. Applying SPF around the eye area is equally important, as damaging this skin is difficult to reverse.  

Narrowing down your products to a capsule collection can simplify your life and make your routines more efficient. Packing just the essentials is key, and we love a multi-task product more than anyone! Feel free to reach out for help in discovering the best products for you.  Good luck with your collection, and happy summer!

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