GLOW Into Summer: The Essentials You Need

Every season calls for a slight adjustment in your skincare routine. With additional humidity or dryness (depending on your summer destination) your skin will need a few tweaks to maintain a strong barrier and vibrant glow. It’s important in summer to protect, hydrate, and repair the skin. UV exposure is at an all-time high this season, and your skin cells rely on you to keep them in a healthy state. 

Summer Essentials:

1. Vitamin C is essential every morning to protect your skin from the sun and all other outside aggressors. This nutrient will also brighten the skin and help lighten pigmentation. Vitamin C and broad spectrum sunscreen is THE duo to give you optimal defence from sun damage. Our favorites are Environ Mela Even Cream, Environ Defence Cream, and Vetted Vitamin C Serum. 

2. Sunscreen is essential ALWAYS. Forget having to rely on a thick, white, pasty mineral sunscreen for full coverage. Our favorites Le Prunier Plumscreen and Agent Nateur holi (sun) will provide full coverage with the MOST sheer, lightweight application on the market! Both leave the skin glowy and most importantly, free of any white cast residue. Reapply every couple hours and use the two finger rule for application to your face and neck. 


3. The Perfect Summer Moisturizer is critical when traveling or spending more time outside. If you’re visiting more humid climates, opt for a lighter weight (even gel-like) moisturizer for morning and evening. If you’re in dry climates, a heavy nighttime cream may still be what you need. Skincare isn’t one size fits all. However, preparing for changes in climates is important. Another great idea is to use a Vitamin C cream in the morning as your moisturizer. Nothing like a great multi-tasking product.  Environ Mela Even Cream and Defence Cream can both provide plenty of moisture before sunscreen.  Our favorite lighter weight moisturizers are Agent Nateur holi (creme) and Vetted Light Moisturizer.


4. Hydration Accessories such as bio-cellulose/sheet masks are a fabulous way to maintain hydration throughout summer. Throw a few in your tote for summer travel to maintain plump, dewy skin on and off planes. Our favorites are Decree SOS Masks and Exquisite Dual Hydration Masks. 

5. Preventing Pigmentation with topicals can be extremely beneficial. Environ Mela Prep Lotion and Mela Fade Serum used with a Vitamin C can help both prevent and treat/exfoliate sun damage. 

6. Repairing and Soothing Skin after Sun Exposure is falf the battle. Adding in calming ingredients to repair the skin at night as the cells replicate can be very helpful. Lacreme Beauté Rose Cream, Environ Colostrum Gel, and French Farmacie Serum Radiant can all help calm the skin from inflammation. 

Managing your skin health during summer months can take a little extra planning, but with the right products, your skin will be in perfect shape to take on summer fun. 


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