How Fitness Expert Erin Epperson Cares for her Skin

Exercise has a direct impact on our skin, the largest organ in our body. We asked Erin Epperson, fitness and nutrition expert, a few questions on her personal experience with fitness and how she cares for her skin. She lets us in on her coveted tips, favorite products, and how she treats her skin pre and post workout.  

Erin Epperson has been a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist for over twenty years. She currently works half of her time at The Four Seasons Las Colinas Sports Club, and the rest of her time doing sports performance and mobility training in her clients’ homes. She also created and currently runs corporate wellness programs for companies initiating wellness and nutritional guidance for their employees.

She has several certifications through The Cooper Institute in Dallas, such as Biomechanics of Resistance Training, Master Personal Training, Pre/Post Natal Fitness, Aerobics, and Master Nutrition Specialist through Precision Nutrition, . She specializes in fat loss, body fat reduction, flexibility, mobility, endurance, and nutrition.  Most importantly, she enjoys helping her clients achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  

LF:  Thank you, Erin, for doing this Q&A with us! We have been close personal friends for years, and I have always admired your dedication to your work and your genuine interest in helping your clients.  You are a rockstar!  I know our readers will love hearing how you take care of your skin, so let’s get started!

What type of skin do you have and how does exercising affect it?

EE: I have extremely oily skin, which makes it hard for me as a professional trainer not to sweat off makeup halfway into my workday.  Although I am not technically working out while I am with a client, I am certainly demonstrating exercises for ten hours daily, which makes it difficult to keep my pores unclogged. It is always best to exercise and sweat makeup-free in my opinion.  Exercise helps rid your face and body of toxins and impurities and keeps blood flowing, which helps cell turnover and rejuvenation.  Your skin is your largest organ, why wouldn’t you want to keep it fresh and clean?!

LF: Do you find that if you take a break from consistent exercise, your skin has a negative reaction?

EE: Taking a break from exercise can certainly affect your skin…we can all get into a rut here and there. Typically when we aren’t doing good things for our body, other habits will manifest, such as stress levels, improper eating (too many sugars and inflammatory foods). When we do not exercise and eat properly, anxiety levels will rise, causing potential breakouts and sleep deprivation. Wellness is all encompassing, and when one piece of the puzzle is missing, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole of self sabotage.

LF: Do you find certain types of fitness more beneficial for your skin than others?

EE: I personally love a good sweat, however, I love to mix it up a bit so my body never adapts to homeostasis.  I love a heart pumping hot yoga class or a high intensity interval class with battle ropes and slam balls. You will never regret a great workout, make it worth your energy and time!!!

LF:  Do you believe working out indoors vs. outdoors has a direct impact on certain skin conditions?

EE:  I enjoy both indoor and outdoor workouts…about 15 min of vitamin D for your skin is vital daily. As Americans we spend too much time indoors, in front of devices or at our desks…taking an outdoor walk during lunch or after dinner with your family will help increase endorphin levels and overall mood.

LF:  What is your pre-workout skin routine, and how do you treat your skin post workout?

EE:  During the work week, I get up at 4:30am and wash my face with Cetaphil, or Obagi Salicylic Face Wash that gives a cool, refreshing feel super early. I use Skinceuticals CE Ferulic for Vitamin C, then continue with everyday makeup with SPF (I use IT cosmetics CC cream with SPF 50). I usually get home around 4pm and try to wash my face again when I get home, (if it’s not already halfway gone).  After I shower, I will either apply a retinol or Skinceuticals discoloration defense, and Lacrème Beauté Eye Cream under my eyes.

LF: What are your favorite on the go skin essentials with your busy life as a trainer and fitness expert?

EE:   I always carry facial cleansing wipes to use for last min workouts (I use the brand SIMPLE). I keep Elta MD sunblock and Supergoop SPF lip balm if I’m outdoors with a client or on a jog to prevent sun damage. My hands get super dry, and I’m obsessed with Weleda super rich hand cream.

LF:  Can you give us a glimpse into your gym/beauty bag?

EE:  Most of my clients and friends know that I always have enough snacks on me to feed an army…so my gym bag has everything from kind bars, turkey jerky, almonds, RX bars, and Alyssa’s healthy cookies. I ALWAYS carry a couple deodorants, such as Native for a light workout, and good ole DOVE for a sweat session. WATER IS KEY!!  I always recommend at least 80-100oz of water per day to keep yourself hydrated, flush out toxins, and keep your skin glowing. I usually have a 40oz hydro flask on hand at all times that I try to fill up no less than twice a day.

LF:  Any tips you give your clients during sessions to protect their skin while exercising?

EE:   As I mentioned before, your body and epidermis need all the things to keep it looking radiant. SPF, foods with antioxidants such as berries and nuts, lots of WATER, maximum of 6 cocktails per week (yeeek), great sleep, and low stress. Wash your face prior to working out, or try your best to wash your makeup off as soon as you can post workout to keep pores fresh and clean.


Thank you, Erin, for participating in our Fitness and Skincare Highlight.  Exercise is great for your body, your skin, and your mood. The most effective way to stay balanced both physically and mentally is to remain consistent. Since your pores tend to open up during exercise, keep your face as clean as possible so the dirt and grime on your skin doesn’t make its way into your pores. Hopefully these tips help you understand how to take better care of your skin on your fitness journey.

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