Beauty Secrets with Makeup Artist, Mayra Rams-Sanabria


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Mayra Rams-Sanabria is one of the most sought after makeup artists in Dallas, with clients worldwide who depend on her talent creating gorgeous faces for every occasion. Every year hundreds of brides rely on Mayra and her team to bring their bridal dreams to fruition. Her company, My Fabulous Faces, has created a reputation for creating classic, timeless beauty. She translates runway and celebrity red carpet looks into palettes for the discerning woman and enjoys sharing her tips, trade secrets, and inspiration.

Mayra is not only an incredibly talented makeup artist, but also one of the warmest and kindest souls you will ever meet - a real GEM! I sat down with Mayra for a peak into her makeup and skincare secrets. How do you achieve bronzed, glowing skin in winter? Which foundation is best for oily skin? We cover it all! </p>

LF: How does skincare play a direct role in makeup application?

MS: Makeup and skincare have a lot more in common than most people think. Applying your makeup is the point when your cosmetics, and skincare have a direct physical effect on one another. Skincare helps create a better base for foundation so it lasts longer. Also, keep in mind that the better your skin looks, the less coverage or foundation you will need.

LF: What advice do you give your clients when transitioning makeup for colder climates?

MS: Always pay attention to what your skin is telling you. For dry winter skin, put the matte foundation away, instead look for the ones containing hyaluronic acid. Switch to richer moisturizers and primers. Maintaining a proper moisture balance in winter, will be different in the summer months. It’s important to select both skincare and makeup products that support our skin goals.

LF: What are your top 3 beauty products in your bag at all times?

MS: 1. Lip gloss, favorites are the Dior Lip Maximizers.

2. A compact of the color correcting pressed powder, Guerlain Météorites. 

3.  Eye drops to brighten the white of the eyes.

LF: Which foundation is best for someone with dry skin? Oily skin?

MS: For drier skin types, I love the Giorgio Armani Silk Liquid Foundation, also the Ilia brand Super Serum Skin Tint. For oily skin, the Dior AirFlash foundation is great, it is water resistant, and long wear.

LF: How do you achieve a bronzed glow in winter months?

MS: Just fake it! There are now so many great sunless tanners on the market! We know that long exposure to the sun causes premature aging, wrinkles, sunspots and in many cases, cancer. Getting a tan from the sun is really no longer an option.

LF: How do you prime skin with issues such as redness, dry patches or uneven texture?

MS: Rosacea is pretty common, green color primers can help disguise the redness, but too many layers of products to hide imperfections can make you feel cakey. Texture is difficult to disguise with cosmetic products. Lasers are great tools that can help improve texture, fine lines, acne scarring, tattoos, loose skin, wrinkles and sun spots.

LF: Any secret beauty hacks?
MS: Equal parts caster sugar, honey, and olive oil, makes the best exfoliator for dry, cracked lips. But I don’t think this is secret at all! Ha!</p>

LF: A storied beauty is an icon whom you admire in the beauty and fashion arena. When you look back, who are some of the storied beauties that inspired you in your career?

MS: My storied beauty and inspiration to start my own beauty business was Trish McEvoy. As a makeup artist Trish always understood that confidence-building and making women feel and look their best are just some of the most important aspects of what we do.

Enjoyed beauty secrets with makeup artist, Mayra Rams-Sanabria? Drop a comment on our Instagram page for more questions you have for Mayra. Check out My Fabulous Faces for makeup bookings. Thank you, Mayra, for being our Monday muse! You make everyone's day brighter, and we live for your tips and tricks.

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