5 Ways to Transition Your Skin from Summer to Fall


Post summer skin damage is often the topic of the back to school/early fall season. Treating pigmentation and clogged pores is a top priority when it comes to skin repair.  We are offering 5 Ways to Transition Your Skin from Summer to Fall.  This includes products to ease back into your routine to ultimately ensure that your skin is adequately treated from a summer in the sun and also ready for cooler temperatures in the coming weeks.  

 1.  Increase exfoliation: The number one complaint we often hear post summer is unwanted hyperpigmentation, specifically from sun damage. Increasing exfoliation to 2-3 times per week during the first weeks of fall is important to slough off the dead skin cells, brighten the complexion, and diminish discoloration from summer sun and heat.  Exfoliation also removes trapped oil that can cause additional breakouts and will ultimately give your skin a fresher, brighter, smoother appearance. 


Recommendations: Environ Revival Mask, French Farmacie Elixir Exfoliant, January Labs Daily Brightening Tonic, Circcell Fruition Mask, Reflekt Daily Exfoliating Face Wash, and January Labs Retexturizing Night Cream.


2. Add Retinol Back In: If you took a break with retinol during summer, now is the time to reintroduce it back into your nighttime routine.  Retinol will help fade new pigmentation from the summer sun and will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Tips: if you are nervous or have sensitive skin, begin use of retinol by layering in between serums and creams or mix it in with your night cream.  Eventually, the goal is to apply retinol on clean, dry skin as your first step after cleansing/toning.


Recommendations:  January Labs Triple Active Reclaiming Serum


3.  Maintain your use of SPF:  just because the hours in the day aren’t all spent outside anymore, you still need to apply sunscreen daily and reapply throughout the day to receive best coverage.  UVA rays (those responsible for skin cancer and premature skin aging) are just as strong in the fall as they are in the summer months. 


Recommendation:  Le Prunier Plumscreen SPF 31


4.  Use a Hydrating or Exfoliating Toner:  Toners can serve as excellent multi-purpose products, adding hydration or exfoliation to your routine. With the air getting cooler, your skin may need an extra dose of hydration (different from moisture)…see article…

After cleansing your skin, apply a toner immediately either through the pat and press technique with your hands or with a cotton pad. 


Recommendation:  January Labs Daily Brightening Tonic, Circcell DEW PH Perfector, Environ Youth Essentia Vita-Peptide Toner, and Exquisite Face and Body Ultra Hydrating Facial Toner.


5.  Switch to a Cream-Based Cleanser: Switching to a cream-based cleanser in the fall is another way to add more hydration and moisture into your routine. Gentle cleansers are imperative while you increase exfoliation and add retinol back in.  Foaming cleansers can often strip your skin’s natural oils. This can leave your skin feeling tight and dehydrated, especially with the change in temperatures.  Maintaining a strong moisture barrier begins with your cleanser!


Recommendation:  Environ Youth Essentia Hydra Intense Cleansing Lotion, Circcell Mandarin Cleansing Milk, Exquisite Soothing Cleansing Gel, and Circcell Geothermal Clay Cleanser.

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