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Rose Quartz Large Gua Sha


Crafted from natural rose quartz for a relaxing at-home facial, this large Gua Sha tool is ideal for sculpting the face. Known benefits are reducing puffiness, refreshing skin tone, tightening the natural contours of the face, and reviving the skin’s natural glow.  The practice of gua sha has proven to be advantageous for lymphatic drainage. Massaging the facial muscles eases tension and promotes relaxation, while improving the absorption of your face oil, balm, or serum. The metaphysical vibrations of rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love, are said to promote self-love, forgiveness, harmony, and inner healing.


How to Use:

Glide the gua sha tool upward and outward and always come back to moving the stone down the neck to help move the lymph out.  Use feather like pressure for lymphatic drainage.  See blog post on gua sha lymphatic drainage for a more descriptive instruction.

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