Lacrème Beauté

Mediterranean Orange Body Cream


A velvety body cream with the scent of a Mediterranean summer, designed to nourish instantly, with hydration lasting for hours.  This ultra-rich formula targets extremely dry skin, healing and nourishing at the deepest level. Its combination of organic ingredients brings life back to dull, dry skin, with hydration that noticeably lasts for hours and a scent that transports you to the heart of the Mediterranean. Particularly well suited to dehydrated, sun-damaged, or aging skin, this body cream is pure luxury in a bottle.

This wonderful formula contains some of nature’s most nourishing and restorative ingredients. Jojoba, rosehip and argan oils nourish and rejuvenate, repairing skin damage, promoting collagen production and improving elasticity, tone and texture. Calendula oil promotes the skin’s natural healing processes, whilst sweet orange and bergamot are beautifully uplifting to the mood. Its base of shea and cacao butters melts into the skin, leaving it luminous and velvety to the touch, as its uplifting scent transports you to summer days.


200 ml

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