Lacrème Beauté

Fresh Cut Huile de Parfum


Inspired by twilight walks in a summer garden.

Our intoxicating all-natural fragrance oil made with hand-selected essential oils. With a beautiful backdrop of fresh roses and zingy notes of citrus and nectar, this fragrance is wonderfully evocative, long-lasting, non-irritating and truly one-of-a-kind.

Roll a few drops into the neck and wrists, and watch the world turn their heads as you pass.

Set your soul alight with the uplifting scent of a magical flower garden in the dusky heat of a summer evening. The oils in this formula interact with your skin to produce an aroma unique to you, whilst they work with your nervous system to uplift your mood, sharpen your awareness and brighten your spirit.

How To Use: 

Apply to the nape of the neck for a scent that will last all day and all night.


100% natural ingredients, alcohol free

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