Ten New Year’s Resolutions to Achieve the Skin you Want

2020 is coming to a close…go ahead, exhale. After a very challenging year, what better time to set realistic goals for ourselves than right now!? Often times, we create impractical resolutions that aren’t even halfway met by September.  This year, I am providing ten new year’s resolutions to help you achieve the skin you want in 2021.  It’s possible you’re already incorporating some or all of these suggestions into your daily routines, but a friendly reminder will keep you on track. For others who want to begin a new skincare journey, read below for ten easy new year’s resolutions to achieve the skin you want in 2021. 

Ten New Year’s Resolutions to Achieve the Skin You Want in 2021

Always cleanse your skin at night.  While cleansing twice daily is recommended, the most important cleanse of the day is at night.  Think about the makeup, sunscreen, facemasks with bacteria, pollution, our hands, our children’s hands, and everything else that touches our face during the day.  Cleansing at night is your first step to creating the proper routine for you.  During your cleanse, remove all of the makeup, sunscreen, dirt, sebum, etcetera etcetera from your face. The idea is to ensure that all residue is removed from your skin before products are applied. A gentle massage while cleansing is a great idea, followed by a substantial rinse with either cool or lukewarm water to ensure your skin is left clean and dry.

Exfoliate a few times a week.  While there are several different types of exfoliants, an easy and realistic step to add to your routine would be an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid), both of which are chemical exfoliants.  Using chemical exfoliants in your routine every week will gently slough off dead skin cells and allow your products that follow to penetrate in and work their magic.  A cult favorite is Sunday Riley’s Good Genes lactic acid treatment.  Lactic acid is an AHA and works to smooth uneven skin tone, brighten the skin, and promote skin cell turnover.  I apply this a few times a week at night for instantly brighter, smoother skin. No joke, you will notice a huge difference in your skin with the addition of Good Genes, and this product works well for those with sensitive skin.

Wear sunscreen everyday: The one sentence on repeat all of 2020, right? Well, it isn’t going anywhere.  Apply sunscreen (in whatever form you choose) everyday.  To be honest, this is the number one way to prevent future skin conditions and is super easy to apply every morning after your moisturizer.

Find an active that is right for you…then treat it one at a time.  Target your concerns and treat them.  Try to avoid jumping on the bandwagon of adding every new trend into your routine.  If your skin is dry, add a hyaluronic acid.  If your skin is feeling dull and drawn, add a retinol.  Remember my rule of thumb to add in new products one at a time and give your skin time to acclimate. 

Add a tool and facial massage into your daily routine.  Whether it is a home microneedling tool, gua sha tool, microcurrent device, or facial roller, tools help with lymphatic drainage and contouring your face.  Facial massage is often times the easiest practice for maintaining a lifted and plump appearance. I honestly rely on my own facial massage every morning and evening for the most beneficial lift in my jowls, cheeks, and brows.

Apply vitamin C every morning to protect your skin from environmental aggressors during the day (think UV rays, pollution, and now bacteria from mask wearing). Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and will shield your skin from harmful, sometimes irreversible damage. Vitamin C should come before your moisturizer and sunscreen every morning.

Apply vitamin A everyday to increase skin cell turnover and collagen production. Vitamin A is the number one essential nutrient that your skin does not receive enough of without topical application.  Vitamin A brings vitality, nourishment, and strength to your skin over time.  It directs your skin to correct any conditions, including pigmentation and a loss of elasticity. Retinols, a derivative of Vitamin A, will firm, brighten, plump, soften, and strengthen your skin.  The real game changer!

Apply hyaluronic acid everyday.  Just as your doc may suggest 8 glasses of water a day, I am recommending this topical humectant at least once a day.  Like a big drink of water for your skin, hyaluronic acid is a hydrating necessity for all skin types.  It can be paired especially well after your vitamin C in the AM and your vitamin A in the evening.  Hydration keeps your skin plump, firm, and bright. This is the easiest and least offensive serum addition to your routine.

Be gentle on your skin.  Don’t over exfoliate or pick at your skin. Be mindful of keeping your hands clean so you aren’t transferring bacteria from your hands, or face masks, to your face.  Wash your cloth face masks daily so you aren’t transferring dirt to your skin each day.

Simplify your skincare routine.  While it can be fun to have a fifteen step routine, it isn’t realistic for the average person, much less a parent wearing multiple hats this year.  Use actives in the morning to protect and hydrate your skin.  Then, in the evening, use actives that repair and treat your skin from any damage it may have received during the day.  Layering skincare is essential to receive optimal results, but knowing which products are most important for YOU will allow each ingredient to work its magic.

**If you are searching for an easy and attainable skincare regimen without too many steps: think cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer. #keepskincaresimple


Wishing you and your families a very happy and healthy new year. May 2021 bring you success, both personally and professionally.  Most importantly, I hope the new year brings peace, love, and stability to us all. 



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