Meet the Genius Behind Lacrème Beauté

Victoria Galbraith Wachtel, Founder, creates her collection by hand in London.

LF:  From the moment we met, I instantly felt the passion that you have for your brand, Lacrème Beauté.  Your genuine interest in your customers’ satisfaction (not to mention your effortless beauty) makes you a Storied Beauty in my mind.  Upon first use of the beloved Bee Venom Cream, my skin was continually craving more.  The aromatic experience is mesmerizing, but most importantly, the long-term skin tightening results from this product are second to none.  The brilliant blend of natural ingredients delivers a highly efficacious product line that stands out from others in the industry. 

Your story is authentic in your search for a product line that did not yet exist in the luxury organic skincare market.  I felt obliged to share the amazing stories that you have shared with me.  So, let us begin!

LF:  What initially motivated you to create a line of skincare products of your own?

VGW:  I have been passionate about skincare for a long time and spent many years searching for the perfect cream, my “dream cream”, trying product after product and never quite finding it. I studied aromatherapy and became well versed in the wide variety of skincare ingredients and their properties, always with a great love and respect for the power of nature. At the same time, I noticed a gap in the market for organic skincare products presented in a luxurious manner. I started Lacrème Beauté on a quest for my dream cream, with a dedication to premium ingredients and exquisite packaging that places our brand at the intersection of organic and luxury.

LF:  Why organic skincare?

VGW:  When I worked as a model in my twenties, my skin reacted negatively to synthetic creams and makeup. After a while, I refused to do jobs unless I could use my own, natural products. The difference in my skin was astonishing, and I have never looked back.

LF:  In your mind, what makes the legendary Bee Venom Cream so exclusive and special? 

VGW:  Our bee venom is ethically harvested in Africa and blended with our hand-picked ingredients to create the most luxurious, highly potent, rich cream.  The venom tricks the skin to think it’s been stung, which causes a tightening and firming of the skin.  Upon application, you will immediately notice how it stimulates blood flow and creates a glow.  Over time, it promotes collagen production and strengthens the skin.   The tamanu oil, a natural form of Vitamin A, regenerates the skin at a cellular level.  It’s often been referred to as “Nature’s Botox”, because of the way it releases fine lines and wrinkles and creates lifted, stronger skin.

LF:  What were the most important factors when formulating your products?

VGW:  The quality of the individual ingredients is my number one priority, as well as where I source them. I take special efforts to source ingredients that have the highest potency and purity that I can find. 

LF:  Can you share your 3 favorite products from your collection at the moment?

VGW:  Rose Cream, because applying it every morning sets my whole mood for the day. It’s full of such wonderful calming, joy-inducing essential oils that it’s almost indispensable to me at the start of each day. It brings me pure joy, and it’s also such a wonderful, clean moisturizer for my skin.

Bee Venom Cream, because I can literally feel it working its magic on my skin to provide optimal hydration and repair my skin . It really helps to thicken my skin and keep it plump and youthful – so different from the paper-thin texture usually associated with mature skin.

Bee Venom Beauty Boost, because if I want to give my face a really good massage, it’s the perfect product. When I have a facial massage, I actually ask my therapist to use it and really work it into my skin. I always look like I’ve just had a face lift. I also use it when I go outside as I feel it protects me from all of the elements. And it’s my secret highlighter on my cheekbones for when I go out in the evening and want super luminous skin.

LF:  You and I have spoken before about the term “anti-aging” and the impact it can have on women.

VGW:  I believe in ageing gracefully. There are so many wonderful things that happen as we age, particularly as women, with our mind, confidence, compassion, values, experiences. These, for me, outweigh the visual effects of aging.

LF:  Okay, now for your coveted skincare secrets…we want to know all of them!

VGW: My best practices are sleeping well, staying hydrated, using top quality organic skincare products, facial massage, facial tools, and simply enjoying life – smiling a lot is the best for aging gracefully.

I use the Nuface Trinity microcurrent toning device, our large gua sha regularly for massage, and I keep two rose quartz facial rollers  in the freezer – I like to use them at the same time, throughout the day, to keep my skin refreshed, to circulate blood flow, and to maintain skin firmness.

Lastly, water, water, water!  Hydration from within is just as important!

LF:  Secret makeup tips to look effortlessly chic?

VGW:  As long as you always have a little bit of lipstick and your eyebrows are done, you’re good to go!  When in a hurry, add a touch of our Glow to the cheekbones, eyelids and lips, plus a dab of lipstick.

LF:  Name three or four things always found in your purse:

VGW:  Lipstick, hairbrush, our Rose Lip Balm, and a little pot of Glow. 

LF: Any guilty pleasures?

VGW: fine wines, chocolate, and the Hotel du Cap in the South of France.

LF:  Can you tell us how you get ready with Lacrème Beauté products every Morning?

VGW:  First thing in the morning I splash my face with ice cold water. Then I go to my fridge and I spritz it with Skin Revive – it refreshes my complexion, tightens my pores and fills my nose with the smell of flowers. After that, I either massage in a little Rose Face Oil, or apply a layer of Rose Cream.

After my shower a couple of hours later, I’ll use the Bee Venom Cream in the winter and the Rose Cream in the summer. I never like to leave my skin more than a few hours without moisturizing. In the winter I’ll also add a layer of Bee Venom Beauty Boost before going outside – its ingredients make me feel truly protected from the elements and I love the subtle sheen on my skin.

To keep my skin clear and exfoliated, I’ll use my EMP treatment mask twice a week, mixed with Rose Face Oil. The nourishment it provides is second to none, and the difference I see in my skin is instantaneous.

LF: Finally, who is one of your favorite Storied Beauties of all time?

VGW: I adore Lauren Hutton for her approach to life and aging. She is such a natural beauty!

Victoria believes that “when the body, the plant, and the planet work in harmony, you get truly amazing results.”

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