Meet the Brains Behind Innovative Skincare Brand, Circcell

Meet the Brains Behind Innovative Skincare Brand, Circcell


The most thorough way to research a skincare line is to talk with the person(s) behind the magic. I sat down for an exclusive interview with the amazing woman behind this gorgeous line of luxury skincare. Follow along as we discover more about some of my favorite Circcell products.


Maya, thank you for allowing us to peak into the creation of Circcell from your eyes.  It is always fascinating hearing the how, when, where, and why behind a brand directly from the founder herself.  You have developed an innovative and highly efficacious skincare line with new technology that has proven to be incredibly beneficial for everyday skincare.  Your products are luxurious and individually created with specific intent.  I can’t wait to learn more about your journey to Circcell…so let’s begin!


LF:  What does your morning beauty and wellness routine look like?

MC:  I typically get up before anyone else in the house.  We live in a home that is mostly windows and from the second story you feel like you’re in a treehouse.  Morning begins with coffee by myself in the treehouse while the sun finishes rising.  I work in four or five sun salutations and a 15 minute meditation to set my intention for the day.  I check email (I’ve always worked from home).  Then I head back downstairs and get ready for the day.  My morning skincare routine varies daily depending on the weather, how I feel, etc.  Typically, I combine our Geothermal Clay Cleanser with five or six drops of our Dew Perfector (I learned this trick from one of our superstar esthi partners in Vancouver, Vee Mistry / @_skinbyvee_) and use this as my morning face wash.  I then let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off (the Geo Cleanser doubles as a detoxifying clay mask).  After rinsing, I press our Dew pH Perfector into face, neck, décolleté.  I follow this with our ABO Eye and face serums and then use one of our Vitamin C Ampoules.  After this, sunscreen, highlighter, mascara and lip gloss. 


LF:  Can you share with us three exciting facts from your background that our audience may or may not yet know?

MC:  In my late 20’s, I was the advice columnist for American Cheerleader Magazine.  I also ran an advice column, titled “Ask Maya”, in our school newspaper at The Wharton School.

I am an immigrant who came to the US at six months of age.  My mother is Armenian and my father is Iraqi.

At our home in Jackson Hole (we recently moved to Aspen) we had two dogs, a cat, a parrot, a palm civet, three ferrets and an Eurasian Eagle Owl named Larry.  Somehow, Fish and Game discovered that we had an owl and they sent an officer to our home to take Larry away.  He now lives in a bird sanctuary in Alabama.


LF:  What initially sparked your interest in the skincare and beauty industry?

MC:  I needed good skincare that really performed in an extreme climate (Jackson Hole) and still felt elegant.  This line did not exist.  I created one. 


LF:  What tips do you have for young entrepreneurial women looking to enter the beauty industry?

MC:  You will need at least three times as much capital as you think

It will take at least twice as long as you think

The entrepreneurial beauty world is extremely nurturing and collegiate.  You will meet amazing (primarily) women who are always there to offer advice, support and encouragement.                                                                                                                                             

LF:  What is your favorite vacation spot and how has that inspired you in your professional life?

MC:  I have soooo many favorite places in the world and we live like gypsies.  Hawaii, St. Barts and the world’s great cities come to mind but I equally love so many other places.  My travels do inspire me to create products that perform in any climate, travel well, provide double duty (clays that are masks, toners that are moisturizers, etc.) and really perform. 


LF:   Any guilty pleasures?

MC:  Coca Cola


LF:  What are your three favorite, ride or die Circcell products that you can’t live without at the moment?

MC:  Dew pH Perfector:  multi-tasking, addictive pH balancing essence.  I promise you, once you start, you won’t ever stop using the magical broth.

Vitamin C Ampoules: If you’re not using topical Vit C, you’re not a true skincare junkie.  Ours is the smartest formulation you can find. 

ABO Serums: Nothing else like it on the market.  Medical grade gas carriers, created to mimic the function of blood, drive circulation topically. 


LF:   I always conclude a Q&A with the following question:   A storied beauty is an unforgettable icon whom you admire in the beauty and fashion arena. When you look back, who are some of the storied beauties who inspired you in your career, and who is someone you consider a modern storied beauty today?

MC: So difficult to answer as I have met many wonderful women on the journey.  One that truly had a lasting effect for me is Kelly St.  John.  A former VP of beauty at Neiman Marcus, she mentored me to re-engineer our brand.  I learned so much from her, and she remains a trusted friend and advisor.  She is also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.  She is truly an icon to me.

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